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 Arti Tikekar

Ph.D, University of hyderabad 

About Artitikekar

my name is Arti Tikekar pursuing ph.d from university of hyderabad under the supervision of prof. D.B. Ramachary. He is an excellent scientist and has been one of the pioneers in asymmetric organocatalysis. Here, I am working on construction of polycyclic carbocycles using Aminoenyne-SOMO catalysis on Ynones. our research lab mainly focuses on developing novel reaction for the asymmetric organocatalytic synthesis of many pharmaceutical drugs and natural products.


Research Interest

Organocatalysis has been a greatest tool since two decades in development of synthetic strategies of many organic compounds. My research lies in the development of a new catalytic pathway for the construction of polycyclic carbocycles. My major focus will be on using substrates such as Ynones (yn-alkyne, one-ketone) which are important intermediate in the construction of many biologically important organic molecules. Much research has been done on ynones application but the organocatalytic asymmetric reaction is very limited. Hence we will focus on developing "A Catalytic Asymmetric Aminoenyne-SOMO Catalysis for the Construction of Polycyclic Carbocycles" where we will investigate the importance and effect of both aminoenyne catalysis along with SOMO catalysis on asymmetric cyclisation of Ynones.

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